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citrus_addition's Journal

Would you like some lemon with that fanfic?
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Tired of finding great fanfiction that leaves you feeling unsatisfied? Did the lead characters get together without actually getting together ? Ever wished that someone would just add a chapter in which you finally got to see some action? Or maybe you want to tell the world about an author whose muse must be in the shape of our little yellow friend.

citrus_addition is where you can find and post those extra and original scenes with a fresh, citrus twist! We want all kinds of smut - PWP, WAFF, anything so long as it is written well.

The Only Requirement for Joining
You need to be 17 years old or older. Which means, please put just the year of your birth in your LJ profile. After you've been added, you can take it down if you have a privacy issue; I just want to have some form of verification (it's about all you can do online.)

Request Guidelines
This should be pretty simple. Post a link to the fanfiction that you would like a lemon added to, even if it's your own and you just don't feel like you can write lemons well. If you have anything specific you want included, make sure to list them behind a cut.

Submittion Guidelines:
1.)Your submission must be your own work and it must be fanfiction. And please, use proper grammar. If you need a beta, we can help you find one.
2.)This community is het smut only. Doesn't matter what kind, but we want to keep it het. There are plenty of yaoi and yuri communities out there.
3.) You must give credit to the original fanfiction author by stating the title of the original fic, the name of the original author, and giving a link to the original fic's location. Also, do everything you can to get permission from the original author. I can't verify whether you did or not, but if I get emails from upset authors then there will be one very angry mod at your throats.
4.)There needs to be a warning section that lists any topics that people may find aversive (i.e. oral, soloM, FemDom, bond, etc...) This also helps viewers browse by topic. ;)
5.)Last, but not least, list the anime/manga/book/movie/etc... and the pairing(s) in your citrus.

If any author has a problem with their fanfiction being added to, please contact the moderator of this community, gwoman , and the addition to your story will be immediately taken down.